Today’s updates discusses Madison County’s decision to reopen despite the statewide stay-at-home order. Additionally, this update discusses Governor Pritzker calling for the General Assembly to reconvene and a DCEO grant program for infrastructure projects. Finally, the update discusses two more lawsuits filed against Governor Pritzker.  



  • Greenville attorney Tom DeVore, who filed at least three prior well-known lawsuits against Governor Pritzker for the statewide stay-at-home order, represents several other businesses across the state. Mr. DeVore has filed two other lawsuits this week for two bars, one in a town on the Iowa border and one in southern Illinois, alleging the stay-at-home order overstepped the Governor’s authority and violates the state’s constitution. Pritzker responded to each of these lawsuits, stating that local counties and cities defying his stay-at-home order are “not relying on science in any way whatsoever to make their decisions.” For more information, visit

HeplerBroom attorney Emilee M. Bramstedt contributed to this blog post.