BraveversuschromeversusfirefoxBraveversusChromeversusFirefox. I have been posting about a new browser lately, Brave. It is a Chrome clone; but, because it blocks third party tracking and has security settings set by default, it loads much faster than Chrome or Firefox. It blocks third party cookies and tracking, and stores all of your browsing data locally. It has built in encryption where possible, similar to the HTTPS add on for Chrome; except, it is on by default. If a site is blocked that you want to see, you just click the lion, and turn off Shields for that page. This reminds me of the old days, when the cool kids dumped old, bloated Windows Explorer for Chrome. Software tends to be lean and mean when it is young, just like the rest of us. Next to Brave, Chrome feels like I do when I get up in the middle of the night and stagger to the bath room. Ever walked on deep, soft sand at the beach? Yeah. Like that. Don’t believe me? Check out this speed comparison, side by side: