I always say that one of the most frequent sayings I hear is, “I didn’t know…” and it happened again on Friday.

I was reminded this week that people may not realize how we help individuals and business owners with debt and credit strategy (or maybe what that means). A networking partner reached out to me to ask when I would get involved with a business that has not been able to operate due to COVID-19 and had some debt they were worried about how to pay.

Here was my response:

Thanks for your email! I’ve been doing a lot of strategy sessions to look at various options for businesses. We generally are looking at potential personal liability on the debts, what happens if revenue doesn’t come in, and the possibility of settling debts when needed. Also, if there’s a personal guarantee on the lease, that’s something that would need to be planned around.

The session on my website is offered as a COVID-19 Financial Stress Strategy Session (link in my signature).

The networking partner responded that she had no idea that I did these 1-hour sessions and that is a very valuable resource for those needing advice.

This really gets to the heart of getting advice at the time it is needed instead of waiting until it’s too late or trying to book free consultations with various attorneys to piece together advice. Many of our clients do not need expensive legal solutions or a bankruptcy. They just need to make sure they are on the right track and not making more mistakes that will lead to expensive legal solutions or bankruptcy in the future. That’s what our strategy sessions offer. Clients leave with a plan, an outline of options, and a discussion of pros/cons of those options.

So, yes, I help with that!

This is just a basic overview and is not legal advice specific to your situation. If you have questions about your rights when it comes to debt and credit, you should speak with an attorney in your area for legal advice. If you live in California or North Dakota and would like to speak with Jen Lee Law regarding your situation, please schedule an appointment.