On June 11, 2020, Netcapital, a private company investment vehicle, hosted a Demo Day for five companies with Black company founders: See Invest in Black Founders Demo Video here.

Netcapital is an investment company that expands access to private company investment opportunities to the general public. Opportunities to invest in private companies are often limited to a very small segment of the population, in places like country clubs and golf courses, where investors create more wealth for themselves and for their connections.  The traditional marketplace exhibits a gaping hole between would-be investors seeking opportunities to get in on the ground floor with private companies, and entrepreneurs seeking capital to grow their businesses. Some entrepreneurs have access to these investors, but the vast majority do not. Investment capital can be critically important to an entrepreneur’s success. Netcapital’s goals are (1) closing the wealth gap in America; (2) making private transactions transparent and easy; (3) giving innovators access to funding; (4) giving all investors access to early-stage investments.  As Netcapital states in its You Tube demo:

“It is important to support black-owned businesses, help build wealth in the black community, and support diversity in the startup ecosystem.”

Montage Legal Group appreciates recognizing holes in the marketplace!

Netcapital’s June 11 presentation features five companies seeking capital, and presents investment opportunities for anyone wishing to invest in a private startup company. These five companies are all run by Black founders, innovating and growing their companies:

These companies exhibit excellence in entrepreneurship. It was an inspiring presentation. Montage Legal Group is happy to support these fantastic companies. Check it out!

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