,,Why read this article? ,,This short article shares top tips that Associates need to implement as part of their career strategy, when they are interested in joining one of their law firms sector groups.

Making partner is the primary goal for many associates, and the entire process is a very steep pyramid so only a few associates will make it to the top. One area that associates are focusing on to develop their experience and internal relationship building, is by engaging in their firm’s sector groups, often it can be challenging for associates to go about this, as they fear they are specialising too quickly in their career or don’t know the best way to engage with a sector.The below actionable steps can help you to begin developing a sector focus that will pay dividends as you continue on your journey to partnership.

  • Client centric
    – key to understanding the
  • Proactively engaging

    with the sector
    – ensure you sign up to relevant internal updates about the sector and gather information about the clients in the sector, this will give you a good understanding of your firm’s sector. With this knowledge of the sector, you can then begin to proactively seek out senior partners across the sector for advice and information, just being engaged and proactive is a good way to initially get started and will often lead to opportunities to get involved in sector related matters.

  • Continues learning journey
    – there are a number of ways to continue to develop your knowledge in a specific sector, whether that be through research, monitoring sector news and seeking out secondment opportunities are all good ways to better understand the challenges that clients are facing and help you to identify opportunities to support them.
  • Build your sector profile
    – Begin by editing your website and LinkedIn profiles to reference your relevant expertise and experience in a specific sector, this will communicate internally and externally that you have a focus and capabilities in the sector. Next focus on joining relevant groups and sharing sector content with clients and contacts on LinkedIn regularly.

Taking action

Seek out information on your firm’s approach to sectors and identify which sector groups you are interested in and most align to your experience and expertise. Gather research on the sector and identify key stakeholders (e.g. sector leaders and client partners) across the sector to express your interest in joining and working more closely with the sector.