Join.Law When a new top level domain became available in 2015, some thought there would be a rush to register. .Law would be a great domain for lawyers and law firms, wouldn’t it? But, alas, there was no gold rush, and you don’t see a lot of them around. I registered, and it redirects to my address. But, is it worth the approximately $100 a year that I spend? Who knows? Actually, there is a benefit to the designation, if only because you have to prove that you are a licensed, practicing lawyer in your State before you can get a .law domain. Variations, like .lawyer or .attorney have no such restrictions, so you really don’t know who has registered them. Of course, you should check with the Bar regulator site in any State if you have questions about the bona fides of a lawyer. If I really wanted to make a lot of money, however, I would have registered a bunch of common names back in the early 90s. Oh well. If you want me, just type rickgeorges or futurelawyer in your search box. I am always here. .law domains