It’s the end of the week again, which means it’s time to take a look back at the publications that have joined LexBlog. We have quite a few independent firms launching their first blogs, as well as a 35th from digital publishing powerhouse Fox Rothschild. With topics spanning from workplace issues to New York real estate, you’ll want to check these publications out.

  • We’re proud to see Fox Rothschild launch their 35th blog on the LexBlog platform, this one called Global Dispute Resolution Insights. As the name suggests, attorneys write about domestic law and international conventions, offering analysis and guidance to companies in numerous industries.
  • Stratus Financial does more than consult on insurance policies and provide clients with the best solutions. They now blog about trending life insurance issues and offer helpful tips to combat commonly faced problems.
  • The founder of a law firm by the same, Adam Leitman Bailey has taken his innovative legal practices a step further with the launch of his blog. He tackles real estate law topics in New York, from issues impacting landlords to dealing with the pandemic to building demolition.
  • Workplace guru Angela Reddock-Wright shares her expertise on dealing with things in the workplace at her blog. Among other subjects, she writes about  unemployment rates,  the #MeToo movement, and returning to work amid COVID-19.
  • To round out the group, Weinberger Law joins us from Arizona. This business-focused firm’s blog provides thoughtful discussions on Arizona business and real estate law.