Surface Duo Dead On Arrival. The FutureLawyer never saw a piece of tech he didn’t like. I expect that will be engraved on my tombstone. That said, I don’t have to use every bit of tech in my law practice. In fact, I suspect that I use regularly less than ten per cent of the tech I own. A lot of it is just interesting stuff. I own a lot of SmartWatches; but, I only wear one or two on a regular basis. I own many Smartphones; but, I only carry one on a regular basis. So, when I saw the introduction this week of the new foldable Microsoft Duo, I was intrigued. But, at $1,500, I have to ask what this can do that my Smartphone and tablet can’t. The answer, of course, is nothing. So, the decision comes down to spending a lot of money for a phone that folds up. I will pass. I like pretty things. But, I lose interest when they don’t advance the ball down the field. The kicker is that I have grown to like slim phones, and folded, this thing is chunky. Ask yourself the question: what can it do for me and my law practice? Microsoft-surface-duo-gaming-800x436