A Serious Man.

He was a serious man.

His days were spent,

brow furrowed,

arguing about serious things.

He was never idle,

and didn’t tolerate those who were.

His time was spent

arguing about serious topics,

and thinking about serious things.

He made lists of things that needed doing.

He attacked them with dedication

and resolve.

No one could say that he was derelict

in fulfilling the duties assigned to him.

He had no time for fun.

Life was too serious for that.

He demanded that everyone

treat life as seriously as he.

He avoided those who frolicked

and spent time in useless inaction.

He would not waste his life

that way.

We all knew that he was a serious man,

not to be trifled with.

He got things done.

He never blinked.

He never swore.

He never was seen

to smile.

Smiling was a waste of time.

Things needed doing.

He was just the man to get them done.

When he died,

no one mourned his loss.

No one came to the funeral.

No one smiled at a memory of him.

But, everyone agreed

that he was a serious man.