Having a broadly focused law blog makes networking online a tough chore. It’s a bit like pushing a rock up a hill.

Conversely, a niche-focused law blog can lead to business development success, or even rockstar status, in a couple years — assuming you’re a good lawyer to begin with. A niche-focused blog can also lead to a more enjoyable and rewarding practice.

Build trust, grow from there

Most lawyers are afraid to get in a niche. What they think about is if I blog on that, that’s going to limit my practice when, in fact, it’s exactly the opposite. Once you build trust as a lawyer and lawyers that have been practicing for a while, people will come to you for every type of legal work that they might need, whether you do it or not.

You could be doing IP litigation and do such a wonderful job for somebody in federal court, next thing they know they’re asking you to handle their divorce. Why? Because they don’t know another lawyer to turn to. You’re the person that they trust.

Become the go-to expert

Every time you own a niche, you are developing a heck of a network because you’re getting people coming and asking for things because you have some wonderful clients on some very sophisticated matters through that niche, but you’re now referring people out to other people that are going to get to sing your praises in return.

Get focused on a real tight niche and you’ll become an intelligence agent, a must-have publication. For example, rather than a blog on AI in general, how about AI and the law in pharmaceuticals or AI and the law in race cars? 

More success

Lawyers who have a specific niche have a greater chance of success in their practice. They also receive more positive feedback through speaking, being quoted, increased credibility and landing new clients — all making  practicing law more enjoyable.

The benefits of a niche blog far outweigh any perceived disadvantages. Go niche, there are many enough being served by law bloggers.