A blog is about listening to what people are concerned about, engaging the thought-leaders in the space and providing your insight and commentary. A common question most new bloggers have is how to get more readership.

Technology standpoint

From a technical side, you want to make sure that your content is indexed properly. “Index” just means is it indexed like Google indexes content. It has to be set up properly, which includes having your title tags set up properly. Google is probably not going to be the leading way that people find your content, it’s going to come by virtue of other people starting to cite it, then Google is going to start to bubble up and work for you. An inbound link is, in the eyes of Google, a vote saying “Hey, this is a reputable source.”

But you have to have your content indexed properly, you have to have it set up properly from a technology standpoint that is going to be indexed properly for Google.


The best way to market your blog is:

  • Talk about others’ blogs
  • Share what other people are writing
  • Enter conversations with other bloggers
  • Listen

I made a list of the influencers in my particular field, and when I was starting LexBlog, it was those people that talked about blogging. I didn’t know much about blogging at all—I knew almost nothing about blogging—but there were a number of people that did and I followed their blogs. I shared what they wrote and I provided my take on what I thought that meant to lawyers. And lo and behold, people who were out there blogging started to recognize me and started to cite me. I started to get recognized as somebody that knew something about blogging, and I did because I was studying it and providing my insight and commentary. 

Nothing is better than talking about others as a way to get people to see your blog. Because you’re going to establish trust, you’re going to build an army of people that are going to begin to share your insight and commentary. So when you share something on Twitter, you might find five other people retweeted and liked it, and you’re building influence as you go. So that’s the leading way to do it, find those influencers, start to realize that it’s very easy to start to follow things, share what other people are seeing, saying and provide your insight and commentary. They’re going to see you and they’re going to come over and shake your hand. They’re going to get to know you, they’re going to start to share information that you’re sharing in your blog.

Taking your blog out

The most important thing is for you to grow your influence, your credibility, and your business as a result of blogging. And that isn’t measured with web traffic. There’s nobody that’s going to say that if you get X amount of web traffic, you’re going to have X amount of business. Take your blog out, what that means is taking an excerpt of your blog and writing it up so there’s enough for me to get the gist of your blog post on LinkedIn. Give them the synopsis of what it is because what’s going to happen is not only are you going to gain recognition from putting up information on regular basis, you’re going to have people like your post, you’re going to have people comment on your post, you’re going to be able to meet those people as a result of that. And what’s going to happen is the algorithms are going to start to service your content in front of the type of people that you want to get to know.