Before you can get your blog up and running, you have to come up with a name. It can seem like a daunting—and permanent—process, but the key is not to overthink it.  I would say that the title for the blog probably slows down lawyers as much as anything in getting their blog live. It really should not. 

When I’m on a conference call with a group of lawyers and all of a sudden the subject of the blog or the title of the blog comes up, I’m telling them, “Hey, there’s probably nine or 10 things that are important for this blog and title is about number 23.” It is just so far behind the other things, it’s not as important as lawyers think it is. 

Keep it simple

Title the blog with a name that describes what you are writing about

If it is New Hampshire Insurance Defense – title it that. If it’s Denver IP law – title it that. Make it something short and specific.

Clear titles are important for getting readers. We are bombarded with information every day. Stating exactly what your blog is about makes it easier for readers to find the information they’re looking for . If your blog’s title is too abstract, it will be hard to find when people are looking for that specific topic.

What you say matters more

How other people describe it might be more important than how you describe it because that’s more credible.

When people list your blog at other places, you’re going to pick up links coming back to your site. Google is going to know what you have by virtue of how other people describe it.  They’re going to describe it by the title of your blog. You would like to have people out there saying that this is a periodical, this is a blog, this is a publication, this is an authoritative source on this but they’re not going to say all of that. They’re just going to use the title. If you don’t have a clear title describing what it is and people are creating links all over the place to something that is not entirely clear, you’re losing the advantage of search.

The other thing is that nobody remembers the title of your blog. Maybe in certain cases they do, but most people are going to remember it’s you and what you said.

Blog titles in aggregators and on social

A lot of people use a news aggregator like Feedly

It brings the information to them in one place, like a funnel. If the title is too long, it may not show up properly.

 With a news aggregator, somebody can monitor things by subject or by sources. Your blog is a source. When it’s in Feedly, you have to have a title that explains what it is. You don’t want to have a title that is 18 words long or even eight words long because it won’t fit. You won’t get to see the whole thing.

Pay attention to how the title of your blog looks

You also want to think how does it look when it’s displays in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter? How does the title appear? If you title your blog look at other places. Don’t always look at law blogs. Take a look at major publications that have spent a lot of time figuring this out as to what they do. How do their titles look in these places where it’s syndicated to?