Selecting a domain is another step you need to take before launching your blog. You should title your blog before coming up with a domain, not vice versa. If you need help selecting a title, I have some advice here


Some things to keep in mind:

  •  Always make it a .com. 

If the URL you wanted is taken, don’t just replace it with .net, .info, that type of stuff. Your domain doesn’t have to be the perfect match to your blog’s title. 

  • Keep it short

It may be displayed in other places, so keep in mind how it will look.

  • Try to match your blog’s title

Think of the name of your publication. Now you’re going to carry that up into a domain field. 


The domain is not going to be important. The days when somebody keyed in something, the URL to see what was there are over. That stopped two decades ago. Don’t worry about having the perfect domain first, tell the blog, you’ll be able to come up with a domain.

We generate a lot of business by just our name and our reputation, not necessarily from people googling and finding our blog or firm.


Another thing to keep in mind is if you own your domain. If you start a blog at a firm, can you take that blog with you if you end up leaving?  Do you own your domain name? Firms aren’t real big on lawyers planning to leave when they get there, but it is something you want to take into account if you’re an individual lawyer, and you’re going to be doing your blog.

If you’re a partner, your partnership agreement is saying that any and all things created by the partners, while they’re at the partnership are owned by the partnership and not the individual lawyer. If it’s a corporation, as many firms are, then it’s going to say, under the shareholder’s agreement, and under the bylaws that anything that’s created by any employees while they’re here is owned by the corporation.