Images can be a great addition to a blog post—they provide that extra pop and context. There are two places to use them in a blog post, either as a featured image or in the body of text.

Types of images

Images in the body of text are great because they break up the monotony of a big chunk of text.

  • Make things easy to scan
  • Break up text into short paragraphs
  • Can provide context to what you’re discussing

Featured images are embed at the top of the post. Your publishing tool will have something marked as “featured image.”

  • First thing someone sees when opening your post
  • Sits separately from the body of text
  • Shows up in the social sharing of your post and grabs people’s attention

Using a photo in the body of the text may show up on social media, but not necessarily as clean or as nice when you’re using a featured image.

Where to get images

A lot of people use Unsplash when finding photos. You can do a search for what you’re thinking about and you’re most likely going to find things.

Other people use stock image libraries, but the downside there is you’re going to run into a lot of generic stuff that people use over and over again.

You can even go out with your iPhone and take images. If you just go to Google Images and pick something out, you might be violating someone’s copyrights and find out later that somebody will make a claim on that. There’s plenty of other places to get images.