Social is personal

Relationships are built on a person-to-person basis. It is difficult, or impossible, to separate your personal and business life, especially on Facebook. Law firm pages do not work as well as Facebook personal accounts in building word of mouth and relationships.

As you use Facebook more, its algorithms will display your posts to those friends interested in the item you shared. Not every “Friend” sees everything you post. Get comfortable sharing those items you are passionate about, whether it be personal or business.

Add “Facebook Friends” from work

Do not limit your “Friends” to just personal friends. Look also for people whose Facebook posts may add value to your life. Think of Facebook as the front page of your news brought to you by people you have come to trust. “Friends” may include people you meet in person and online. Over time, Facebook will suggest people you may wish to befriend. Consider reaching high to befriend people in business, the law, and the media when you have a fair amount of mutual friends.

Short-form posting

Though a blog will always be a lawyer’s home base, Facebook is an excellent place to share a blog post or news story accompanied by a short post by you. Three to five paragraphs can work to generate “Likes” and “Comments.” Share your blog posts with an introductory comment or question.