Apparently he died yesterday in Venice at the age of 59.

We and Dr. Graeber shared unorthodox views on debt, and ran into each other during the “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon of the early 2010’s. Graeber, of course, was a highly credentialed academic; we are merely a lawyer. So, whereas Dr. Graeber’s thoughts were very influential in the halls of officialdom ours have never received so much as a polite mention, even when we beat the entire world to the punch on the “section 4 of the 14th amendment” issue, to the extent it ever really was an issue.

But this sounds like jealousy. An ugly digression under the circumstances, yet at the same time we are pleased to recall that Dr. Graeber did at one point comment on one of our posts, wishing us well in our endeavors.

We appreciated that at the time. We appreciate it now. And we are sorry that Dr. Graeber has passed. He was a unique, thoughtful, principled and fearless thinker who managed to thrive in academia. That’s no mean feat.

Our heartfelt condolences to his friends and family.