TechnoLawyer, one of the leading legal technology communities consisting of over 12,000 members, has released its annual “Top 10 Products of the Year” awards with Tracers making the list for 2020.

Winners are chosen by TechnoLawyer subscribers based on their engagement and interest throughout the year on a number of products that “genuinely attracted the most interest from TechnoLawyer subscribers. No smoke-filled room required.” This was the first year the list was released under the primary brand and the chosen winners were reduced from 25 down to 10.

Law firms have been using Tracers’ public and private records to complete their legal research for over 24 years and have partnered with a number of legal technology partners, including popular case management software. Tracers helps attorneys save time with easy-to-use software that allows them to find persons of interest, locate witnessesskip tracing, uncover critical pieces of evidence, and much more!

Here’s what Neil J. Squillante, founder and current publisher of TechnoLawyer, had to say about the #1 investigative research software making the list this year:

Searching public records is one of the most common Internet activities. Everyone is nosy and everyone is a spy. While a Google search may suffice for your personal needs, pre-engagement due diligence and case work require a more robust tool. Google has lost interest in some types of information that doesn’t align with its ad business, and its search results are clogged with public records scams that appeal to base instincts.


Tracers gives each person in its database a Person ID. Once you find the person of interest, this unique identifier makes it easier to locate all the associated public records. Tracers includes assets, court records, residences, social media profiles, and more. Tracers can also fetch records from courts and government offices not yet online.

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