Typically, courts redo their Web sites and it’s not for the best. They don’t display right on a mobile device and I end up not being able to find anything regardless of where I am. But credit where it’s due.

The Wisconsin Courts redesign works pretty well. Things seem to be in logical order and can be viewed on mobile and desktop pretty decently. I don’t agree with some of the font choices but we can’t have everything.

Relevant to our subject matter, the Office of Lawyer Regulation site revamp looks good. Something that seems to be new (and if it’s not new, it was really buried in the old design) is the “Lawyer Status and History” section, which provides links to the State Bar, the OLR Compendium (where anyone can search public discipline and summaries of private reprimands, though sadly that search still appears pretty buggy), and a Lawyer Status and History Search where anyone can find out the status of a lawyer’s license, including whether they have any public discipline.