2020 has been a year of adaptation with changes cascading across our public, personal and professional lives. The workplace shift has been dramatic. Companies have been forced to adopt remote work processes to stay operational. Professor Nicholas Bloom suggests that the United States is essentially a work-from-home economy and that remote work may have saved the economy during the pandemic. Looking forward, remote work should be given full, long-term consideration in applicable industries. 

The legal industry has felt this shift as lawyers and other legal professionals have embraced remote work. As this trend settles, companies and firms need ways to engage and communicate with colleagues and coworkers. This will be key for those in the legal sector because their business has been traditionally reliant on face-to-face, in-person communication. 

Over the last few months, ABC Legal Services has worked to make its employees as connected as possible while adjusting to social distancing. Based on experiences from this year, here are eight ideas expected to be essential to maintaining employee connectivity.