Welcome to ABC Legal’s thought leadership interview series where we discuss relevant topics and trends with industry leaders and entrepreneurs, sharing their insight, knowledge and perspective on navigating through the post-Covid-19 business landscape. 

As we posted on the blog last week, jobless claims are currently hovering just below 900,000 and major lay-offs were announced by United Airlines, Boeing, American Airlines, Disney and Allstate. We all know however, these are not normal times. The uncertainty in the job market shows us all that no job sector, from white-collar to blue, high income to low is immune to massive layoffs and job cuts. Adding to this, a skills gap has been plaguing the technology and manufacturing industries since before the COVID-19 pandemic set in, creating a perfect storm in an exceedingly fragile labor market.

However, companies are still willing to invest in upskilling their current workforce in order to ensure a consistent pipeline of talent within their ranks. Tech giant Microsoft launched a global reskilling initiative to help 25 million people worldwide acquire the necessary digital skills needed in the current COVID-19 economy. In reality, the pandemic has forever altered the labor market on an unprecedented scale, and many people currently unemployed or furloughed may never return to their previous jobs or industries. Instead, there is an urgent and vital need for job seekers to learn new skills in order to compete in industries currently driving the economy such as healthcare, technology and non-durable manufacturing. 

As we approach the final months of 2020, this year will become one of the most challenging in so many of our lives. If you yourself have asked the questions, “what’s the best course of action in navigating the current job market”, or “how do I best learn new digital skills while making a significant shift in my career”, this interview is for you. Perhaps you need to navigate your business to a successful economic recovery while expanding the digital skills of your workforce, or you’re interested in e-commerce, technology and online learning.