Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | October 2020

Welcome back!

It’s been an exciting few months for Case Status enhancements and integrations.  If you missed our last enhancements check out our blog on e-signature and smart message templates or take 12 minutes to listen to Rebeccah and Chris discuss best practices during our Smart Message Template webinar.

October’s Sneak Peek 

Case Status Invoice Tab & Client Invoice

Later in October, you will have access to a detailed list of all charges and associated cases.  This allows you to see what cases you are being charged and the ability to see the running total for each case to easily see how much to pass along for administration fees, if you choose to do so. This alleviates the time consuming monthly routine, trying to figure out which charge is associated with which case and totaling up case charges for reimbursement.

I know a quite a few firms that will be ecstatic once this is rolled out!

MerusCase Integration

If you are a firm that utilizes MerusCase as your case management software, you will be pleased to know that we are in the final stages of testing with our integration. With this integration, cases created in MerusCase will be created in Case Status and that’s not all!
Once a status is changed or a case is closed in MerusCase, the corresponding matter in Case Status will automatically be updated or closed as well, reducing steps for your firm and getting your clients updates quicker.

All documents and messages sent through Case Status will also flow back into MerusCase.


The opportunities are endless and we’re excited to hear from you to see how your firm is using this feature. If you want to talk through implementing this new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager.

What did the Case Status team work on in September?

Customizable Columns

This is a game changer for those users that wanted to see more or less information on the main case screen. We realize that every firm has a different way of organizing their cases and we wanted to provide you with a way to customize your columns to give you better visibility.

Now firm users will be able, at a click of a button, to add or remove columns.

Internal Checklists

Once we saw how popular the checklists were with clients, we added internal checklists in the Collaboration tab in a case.  Now, firm users will be able to add checklist items to a case for any attorney or case manager listed on the case to better track tasks to ensure a successful case.  👍

Document Export

Now you have the ability to export all documents and photos in a case with the click of a button.  Backing up your data is important. While we retain backups of your data on our end, we want to make sure you can protect your client’s information in multiple ways.

If you don’t have a Case Management Software integration or want to back up your documents to your desktop, with one button you will be emailed a .zip file link with all case related documents for you to download.  Keep in mind that this link does expire so be sure to open and download within 14 days to access all case material.

New Help Center

Now all of our support/training videos are housed under “Help Center” under your company account menu bubble in the top right corner of Case Status.  Here you will be able to find our ever growing collection of training resources and FAQ’s.  Click on it to explore all of the functions of Case Status!

New Integrations

Litify. We are pleased to announce that our integration with Litify is built directly into their CMS allowing users to send messages to clients from Case Status directly through Litify and allows users to automate messages through the Process Builder.

  • Creating and closing cases in Case Status when performed in Litify.

  • Status changes in Case Status when changed in Litify.

  • Documents sent to Docrio when sent in Case Status.

  • All messages go back into Litfy when sent through Case Status.

Zapier Integration

If you are a firm without a Case Management integration or are looking to up your automation game, Zapier allows actions such as: creating a case, updating as case status, sending a message and closing a case based off of certain triggers.

To get more details and information, reach out to your account manager and we will be happy to help.

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