As the leaves descend into their vibrant last-dance, and the days grow shorter and darker across the Western Hemisphere, we find ourselves fully immersed in fall and rapidly approaching one of the most anticipated, divisive and uncertain election seasons our nation has ever experienced. While 2020’s “October surprise” has truly been a year-long red carpet roll-out of one disaster after another, we can’t miss the fact that this month kicked-off hard with the POTUS being admitted to the hospital, infected with a globally annihilating pandemic-level virus that at the time of writing this, has killed 212,000 souls in the United States. Where do we go from here, October?

Have no fear, the news is coming at us quicker than a 101 mph fastball from MLB’s Garrett Crochet. (If you’d like a little good news read about Crochet. He’s a rising star who skipped right over the minor leagues, and serves as a reminder from America’s favorite past-time that we might be down right now, but we’re certainly not out.) 

With that, let’s recap the news for the week of October 8th and dig into some of the top news stories this week.