thief did not use his noodle,” read the headline.
A burglar who broke into
a ramen shop left the cash and instead made off with 130 soft-boiled eggs. The
shop had to close for a day while it replaced the lost eggs. Five other
restaurants on the Tokyo block were burglarized that same night – however, this
time the thief took a total of $90 in cash.

MARYLAND: Birdbrain?
A man is wanted by police for allegedly jumping atop of a federally protected
pelican. William Hardesty, 31, of Riva posted a viral video of himself hopping
into the ocean and grabbing the big bird. A State Attorney issued a warrant for
charges including violating Migratory Bird Treaty Act and animal cruelty. The
pelican’s condition wasn’t immediately known.

SWEDEN: Nude ala mode? It has been reported
that a naked police officer arrested a naked convict when they both crossed
paths inside a Swedish sauna in Late March 2019. The officer recognized the man,
who was on the lam after a drug conviction.

threat driver?
A motorist stopped for going nearly twice the speed limit
was detained in late-March 2019, after he threatened to kill President Trump
and blow up the Pentagon, police said. The man was taken into custody following
a traffic stop along Interstate 68 in northern West Virginia state police

really crazy family?
We learn that a woman used her “karate” moves to kick
out a police car window in a Walmart parking lot, while her son streaked naked
through the store and her dog stole a box of cornbread mix, said authorities.
Lisa Smith, 46, allegedly began throwing punches when she was kicked out of the
Eau Claire store trashing displays. It is unclear what motivated her son, Benny
Vann, 25. Both were charged, while dog, Bo, was freed.

theft, Ambulance?
A Detroit patient stole an ambulance that was taking him
to a hospital. The 25-year-old man, who had overdosed on drugs, came to midway
through the ride and asked EMT’s for help. When they pulled over to assist him,
he jumped behind the wheel and sped off.

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