TENNESSEE: Butt-dialer
A woman is suing her boyfriend for $1 million because he accidentally
phoned, her while graphically narrating his sexual encounter with a man. The
lady says she suffered emotional distress when he unwittingly subjected her to
the call – which she reportedly listened to for 88 minutes.

headline read, “These doctors should not have made the cut.”
An English
hospital patient, in for a routine procedure, awoke to learn medical
professions had mistakenly given him a circumcision. University Hospitals of
Leicester reps didn’t say what prompted the mistake.

UNITED KINGDOM: RATS! Ugh… We learn that inmates at a prison in Dorset, England, were getting illicit drugs form friends tossing dad rodents stuffed with dope over the exercise-year walls – until guard caught on and arrested the rat tossers.

CALIFORNIA: YUCK! California has officially
legalized eating roadkill, as long as residents report the meals to the state.
Governor Gavin Newsome signed the Wildlife Traffic Safety Act in mid-October
2019. The law allows drivers to take home nearly any critter they hit.

FLORIDA: Errant Python? A man could not get his
local fire department to remove a python slithering in his car, but a TV
newsman sped to the scene and saved the day. Orlando’s Bill Siemon also called
a trapper but reported Steve Barrett got there first. Siemon and Barrett worked
together to get the snake out of the wheel well and into a trash can.

FLORIDA: Down the hatch! A man has been charged
with trying to get an alligator drunk.  Timothy Kepke, 27, of Hobe Sound, fed beer to
the gator in August 2019, in Palm City, the Fish and Wildlife Conversation
Commission said. Kepke, who allegedly admitted he had consumed a few beers
himself, told police his pal caught the gator with his bare hands. Both men
were charged with unlawfully taking an alligator. Dummies!

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