This edition of “What’s Trending in Life Insurance” mentions articles from Forbes, Business Insider, and Financial Express.

Why Stay-at-Home Parents Need Life Insurance

Stratus Financial Life Insurance NewsA recent article from Forbes discusses the question, “Do stay-at-home parents need life insurance too?” Our take – Every situation is unique, and life insurance policies could be a great fit for anyone, given the right circumstances, to serve their priorities.

The author acknowledges all the financial support a stay-at-home parent actually provides to the family’s welfare.  As a result, losing this type of individual would bring on sudden, unexpected debt even if they aren’t the main income earner. Life insurance hedges that bet…

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What is Group Life Insurance?

Stratus Financial Life Insurance News

Business Insider published this piece about employer group life insurance plans. While it acknowledges them as the most affordable form of coverage, the author was quick to mention that there are some tradeoffs.

Group life insurance coverage isn’t flexible, and it’s temporary. As the article evolves toward other options, it lumps universal life under the category of whole life. In our experience, that’s a dangerous, yet all too common, distinction. You can find our article on guarantees here (insert hyperlink) and the link to the Business Insider here:

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Life Insurance: Premium Collections of Private Life Insurers’ up 15%

This article in Financial Express reaffirms something we’ve touched on in the past – life insurance sales go up in times of crisis. Even in a country like India, which has very few structural similarities to the United States.

Per the story, it appears that life insurers in that South Asian country have taken advantage of the droves of new applicants to grow their businesses to new heights. By the numbers, life insurers reported nearly 15% year-on-year growth in individual annualized premium equivalent. That number doesn’t show many signs of slowing down anytime soon, either.

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