MISSOURI: She screams for ice cream! A St. Louis woman went into a rage when hamburger restaurant employees told her they had run out of chocolate ice cream and only had vanilla. She spat on the employees and smashed windows with a baseball bat, police said. It has been reported that police are still looking for the woman who fled the Rally’s Hamburgers.

potholes filled!
  Residents of the
English town of Middlesbrough found a great way to persuade officials to fill
pot holes. How? One or more residents painted penises around every pothole,
shaming political leaders into making certain the job was done. The pot holes –
which had gone unfilled for a year – were fixed within days.

WISCONSIN: Church “High” Holy days. We learn that a Rastafarian house of
worship in Madison, is distributing marijuana as a “sacrament.” The Lion of
Judah House of Rastafari Church’s co-founder Jesse Schworck said he is giving
away the devil’s lettuce, claiming he is shielded by religious protections in
the Bill of Rights

The headline read, “The bull
fought the law and the law won!”
Yet, that is not the whole story. We learn
that police were called to keep a bull out of traffic and corral it after it
escaped from a vet’s clinic in the town of Mexico. Mission accomplished but
only after the bull ran into a police cruiser, doing minor damage. Yep, the
bull fought the law and the law won – but not before the bull left its mark on
the police car.

TEXAS: UGH! We learn that a San Antonio police officer accused of trying
to feed a homeless man a dog-feces sandwich will not lose his job over the act,
but he is still suspended for another “poop” related incident. An appeal panel
tossed out the sandwich case because of the statute of limitations.
Nevertheless, Matthew Luckhurst is still deep in it for more recently allegedly
smearing a brown substance on a lady’s restroom toilet seat.

OHIO: This
fellow needed obedience training, not his dog.
The man whose name was not
released, flipped out at a TSA checkpoint at Cleveland Hopkins Airport and bit
a police officer in early May 2019. Police took the man to a hospital for a
psych exam and his dog was sent to a city-owned kennel.

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