Jay Harrington and Tom Nixon recently hosted a webinar titled “The Power of Positioning” during which they discussed the benefits of having a narrowly focused legal practice. A replay of the webinar is now available.

Check out Jay and Tom’s discussion about why narrowly focused experts are more visible, earn higher fees, and generate more inbound opportunities.

You will learn:

  • How to pick your niche

  • Why expertise is the ultimate form of differentiation

  • The connection between narrow focus and thought leadership, pricing power, and nationalizing your practice




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We help lawyers and law firms become go-to experts who build strong brands and generate and win profitable new business. Through our extensive experience serving law firms, we develop strategies and execute campaigns that position our clients for success in key markets and industries.

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Jay Harrington is president of our agency, a published author, and nationally-recognized expert in thought-leadership marketing. 

From strategic planning to writing, podcasting, video marketing, and design, Jay and his team help lawyers and law firms turn expertise into thought leadership, and thought leadership into new business. Get in touch to learn more about the consulting and coaching services we provide.

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