PTG Podcast 12-08-20 with Craig Petronella of Petronella Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics  and Matt Holcomb of Biltmore Insurance Services on Cybersecurity Insurance. In this episode, Craig Petronella and Matt Holcomb discuss various cybercrimes such as phishing, business email compromise, wire fraud, ransomware, malware. Learn how a $100 keylogger malware caused Target, Home Depot, Michael’s, Sony and others to get hacked. The time is now to create and update your policies, procedures and security controls.  Security awareness training, security risk assessments, penetration testing, and continuous security monitoring are essential. Learn how the new CMMC may impact cybersecurity requirements and how vendors are now assessing the your risk. Learn what your business needs to show supporting evidence of to ensure that you qualify for cybersecurity insurance and cybercrime insurance as well as what to look for.