This edition of “What’s Trending in Life Insurance” is headlined by the story of a new life insurance startup that just got a $70 million head leg up on the competition.

Growing Dallas life insurance startup Bestow gets a $70 million boost from investors

Stratus Financial Life Insurance NewsKnown as Bestow, this Dallas life insurance startup has made waves in recent weeks as it’s innovated the way people can purchase life insurance policies. Their online-based model aims to make it easier for first-time buyers to facilitate the purchase of a new life insurance policy. In many cases, they may not have to have a medical exam or take a blood test.

An astonishing 85% of their applicants are new to life insurance, and 70% are buying a policy from their mobile device. The news of this acquisition sent ripples across the insurance world as they raked in $70 million dollars in investments, bringing their total backing to $145 million.

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Give the Gift of Life Insurance This Holiday Season (Yes, Really) just came out with an interesting piece on starting a life insurance policy for a youngster as a Christmas gift. Providing children with the gift of life insurance now can prove to be a powerful jump-start that can benefit them throughout their adult life.

Buying life insurance policies for children is not only affordable, but also gives them a real lifelong benefit moving forward. With that said, once the recipient is old enough, he or she can also opt to tap into the cash value of said policy to help with whatever they need in life.

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Got Life Insurance? You May Not Have Enough

Stratus Financial Life Insurance NewsOur last article is from the Kenosha News. The topic is one that’s all too familiar to any life insurance professional – Clients that unknowingly don’t have enough coverage from their policy. In specific, the article mentions individuals who are covered by their employer plans, but may not realize that it’s not enough for their unique needs.

You see, employer life insurance plans tend to be a one-size-fits-all contract. They’re meant to cover some of the most common bases that are important to the average American, but don’t give you the specialized attention you deserve. And with the rising COVID-19 death toll, it’s grown more important than ever to have a policy that’s uniquely yours so as to ensure as much protection for your family as possible.

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