Underage Drinking Ticket After “Not a Drop” law conviction as a Minor in WI


Will I get my license taken if I had a failed sobriety on my record and now an underage after 3 months? I have gotten a failed sobriety and lost my license for 3months and Paid my ticket. I had gotten my license back in November. Now I got an underage in January. Will my license get suspended again?

Since underage drinking is normally not a traffic offense, your previous OWI for violating the “not a drop” law does not have to turn the later drinking into a criminal case, much unlike what would happen if this new one had been while driving.  First offense underage does not carry mandatory loss of license, but that is still an option for the judge, who might look at your record and find the prior, so you might want to discuss it right away with a nearby lawyer.  Either way, it sounds like it might be time to take a look at your drinking habit, which is obviously causing you legal problems, and consider getting some help. AA meetings are free of charge, require no insurance, and possibly the best way to gain some insight as to where you might be headed if things don’t change.