It’s a new year – even if it really doesn’t feel like it.

To be sure, the myriad challenges of 2020 persist, the pandemic chief among them. According to a December survey by Morrison & Foerster, only ~20% of Legal Departments have fully recovered from the effects of COVID-19. A majority – 53.75% – either remain in crisis mode or have only just begun their recoveries.

If you feel mired in Month 13 of a tough year, it’s easy to miss the fresh energy that traditionally fuels so many strategic plans and New Year’s resolutions. It’s tempting to wait or skip planning altogether.


A strategic plan is the best way to ensure your Legal Department is positioned to handle the evolving challenges of COVID-19 and be ready for what happens next. It’s hard to say when exactly the inflection point will occur, but according to the Morrison & Foerster survey, 74% of general counsel expect COVID-related work to decrease or remain the same over the next six months, while 64% expect non-COVID-related work to increase.

A smart plan will acknowledge these competing realities and arm you with the resources, infrastructure and initiatives you need to thrive in both. The plan is imperative, but we understand the present environment isn’t exactly conducive to focused forecasting. That’s why we’ve made it easy.

Simple plans are far more likely to actually get done, so we revamped the strategic planning process for the special circumstances – and special brand of stress – of the COVID era: