Okay, this will not be a full review. I am lazy, and I haven’t had this long long enough. First, after waiting all day at the office yesterday, it wasn’t delivered until 6:30 P.M. after dark. But, the good news is that it is ready to go as soon as you press the on button. I am still learning how to create pages, and learning the menus; but, first impressions are positive. The only glitch I have experienced so far is due to my left handedness. Even after setting the device for left handed writing, I still got a cancelled screen when my left palm rest on the page while I was writing. I will keep trying to figure that part out. But, as I learn, I can say that this thing is amazing. Thin, light and beautiful, and it feels like I am writing on paper. Check out the attached more complete review to get a real feel for the experience. I have already given up my LiveScribe pens and notebooks. When I create a daily page on which I write the day’s events, I now just click a menu option and they are saved, in pdf format, to the folder on my computer which holds my Calendars. Another really cool thing, which I can’t do with my ball point pen, is to turn the stylus upside down, and use it as an eraser. So cool. I haven’t played with importing pdf files, and taking notes on them yet; but, it looks amazing. If you are a lawyer who takes notes in longhand while talking to the client, or who likes to prepare longhand outlines before a Motion argument, this thing will change your life and practice. Pay the extra $59 for the stylus with an eraser end. $79 for the folio case is nice; but, I only bought it because I can be hard on tablet screens. $399 for the tablet is pricey; but, think of all the money you will save on pens and paper. Merry Christmas.