3 Reasons to choose a Legacy Book Publishing Company.
This is a great article about the modern trend of self publishing books. As an example, nobody in their right mind ever wrote a book of poetry to make money. In my case, self publishing was the only way to scratch the itch, since legacy publishers generally are looking for poetry by mainstream or currently hip authors riding a social wave. In addition, I am a control freak about my writing, and self publishing gave me the total control I wanted. But, even business oriented books, like those that Wally facilitates, are written more because the author has a message, or wants exposure, than to make money from book sales. Book editors aren’t infallible. I suspect that there are as many great books out there that never see the light of day as there are those that get published. Modern technology and self publishing advances allow anyone to see whether the real critics, the general public, are interested. Poemsforloverscover2 3-Reasons-to-Choose-a-Legacy-Publisher-300x169