Here on MediaWrites, we have analysed how data mining and AI could represent massive opportunities for the media sector, but that time and space, and experimentation, is needed to identify the really transformative applications.

Really effective experimentation will require collaboration, as few standalone organisations have the kind of data that is required. Collaboration requires trust.  Trust requires clear, robust, balanced frameworks within which competing interests can briefly align for the benefit of the greater good.

But is there an easy way to identify if your organisation can benefit from a trust framework, what could this trust framework look like, and what should you consider when choosing data sharing partners?

We’ve put together a helpful infographic that covers all of these topics, which is available here.

Click here for more data mining materials and resources at your fingertips.

We’re also planning on running some workshops on Data Mining and AI soon, so you if this is of interest to you, you can register your interest below or here.

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