Dhttps://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/authorized/do-i-have-to-appear-to-court-hearing-for-speeding–5120161.htmlo I have to appear to court hearing for speeding ticket?

I got pulled over on the highway going 26 over the speed limit in a 55 mph, the officer wrote me a citation for speeding and said I can either pay it or go to the date that was put on the citation if I wanted to go against it for any beliefs. So I paid off the ticket off a couple days later online to get it over with. On the ticket is states Appearance Required ( NO ), a couple months later I receive in the mail a court date for it. I looked up my case by the case number to see if the system has me as Mandatory to show up and it doesn’t. Under severity it’s says Forf.U, this is my first ticket I ever received.

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No, you don’t have to appear, but whether you appear or not, you will lose your license with this rate of speed if you are convicted of this ticket as is. If you value your license now or in the future, you therefore really, really need a lawyer for this one. The right lawyer would have very good odds of saving your license. If you are on a probationary license, your points also double, and this one would be a six pointer , even for someone on a regular license rather than probationary, which would be the halfway point to losing anyone’s license, (assuming that they did not already have points against them for some older ticket, which would make it even worse). The other thing you need to do is SLOW DOWN! How soon you arrive at your destination is condoled far more by timing of the traffic lights, frequency of other stops, and traffic speed; your vehicle speed therefore hardly matters either way, so there’s simply no good reason to do it.