GoodSync. We all have files, documents, photos, and financial records and scans that are essential. While I often recommend making full drive imaging copies of our computers in the event of catastrophic failure or hacking attack, it is also important to keep copies of our client files and documents, and our personal treasures, as well. One way to do that is backing up to a cloud server; but, I have never been completely comfortable with having my files sitting on a server farm somewhere. I like to hold my files in my hand, and a USB drive or micro sd are great choices. You can get a tiny SD with 128 Gigabytes of storage for around $40. I sync my essential files and folders to it often, and, also to a separate USB drive and a backup SSD hard drive. GoodSync makes it one click easy, once you have identified the files and folders you want to keep synced. What’s your excuse?