I received an interlock fail to install ticket and a revocation driving my vehicle prior to hours on my probationary license.?

I scheduled to have the iid installed which is on the 24th and I got pulled over yesterday leaving work going to get something to eat. i just bought car it is 2weeks old and have a temp tag in window. the officer said he did not know if i had plates is the reason he pulled me over. my hours were from noon to 5pm on Thursdays and i got off work an half hour early at 1130am. I was pulled over at 1152am just prior to noon. i tried to explain i have a appointment and the DMV should have that info I think but my court date is the 31st of march and i am looking to have these cases dropped if not reduced because I will have proof of iid and i was 5 minutes prior to my hours on my license. any suggestions this happen on highway in kenosha WI one is 250 fine and 150 fine and 3 points on one and zero on the other.

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In most Southeastern WI Courts, violations of the court’s license revocation order (if it was a part of a drunk driving sentence) often lead to substantial jail, since the judges tend to view them as little different and equally disrespectful as escaping of jail. Since you seem to have some good arguments in mitigation, however, you urgently need an experienced local criminal lawyer to present them properly and limit your jail time, so do not delay. Lawyers can usually do the most for you early on before you even appear in court.