It’s been a busy and newsworthy month of February, and our community’s blogging reflects just that. Vaccines are rolling out at a fast-paced rate, resulting in more and more questions arising from employers and employees. Biden has been in office for nearly two months, meaning there’s more to analyze regarding legislation and policy change. This week, the legal blogging community writes about a new gender equity council in the White House, rebranding your law firm, and what Biden’s tax plan could mean for estate planning.

Top 10

What Businesses Need to Know About Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act

Expected to be signed into law shortly, Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act will go into effect the first day of 2023. Squire Patton Bogg‘s Kristin Bryan gives a brief synopsis on who this will apply to and the listed exceptions. She also provides a link to a longer, more in-depth blog post on the subject at Consumer Privacy World.

Biden Administration Revokes Order Suspending Entry into the United States by New Green Card Holders

The previous administration put in place a number of immigration restrictions and the Biden administration has been working to undo many of them. The latest to fall is a presidential proclamation that barred many new green card holders from entering the United States. Dana Delott and Liz LaRocca of Steptoe & Johnson provide four succinct sections that go over the continuations of health-related restrictions, the backlogs that have built up, and more on International Compliance Blog.

Can Employers Require Employees to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Whether or not employers could require vaccines has been a looming question this entire pandemic. With the rollout of more and more vaccines worldwide, it’s important now more than ever to ensure employers are aware of what they can and cannot do. John Marra of Henderson Franklin emphasizes proceeding with caution, especially considering the wide-spread resistance to health protocols such as social distancing and mask mandates. He explains that though mandating the vaccine is legal, it may come with backlash, on Southwest Florida Business and IP Blog.

Gender Equity Takes Priority In The Office

The White House has established a Gender Equity Council that will be applicable throughout every level of government. Amy Epstein Gluck of FisherBroyles explains the Council’s mission, how this Council will actually function differently, and how it will serve as a model for other U.S. employers. She does a fantastic job writing in a casual yet informative tone, bringing other sources into the conversation, and incorporating links and commentary on the FisherBroyles Employment Law Blog.

How to Conduct a Complete Branding Audit for Your Law Firm

Branding could be more important than you think, and it’s not an easy process to rebrand a law firm. However, Jaffe makes it doable, offering a step-by-step guide. Taking stock of your marketing assets, conducting market research, analyzing your competition, compiling your firm’s brand audit, and how to use those findings are all key steps that they go into detail on at Jaffe Blog.

Vaccination Is The Key That Unlocks The Mandatory Quarantine Room For Employees, But Only For A Three-Month Period

With more vaccinations comes more questions. What does a quarantine period look like for an employee who has been vaccinated? Meghan O’Brien of Archer answers commonly asked questions and explains the exceptions for exposure to COVID-19. She explores how the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission fits into a lot of these answers on the blog, Archer Employment Law.

Estate Planning: The Implications of the New Biden Presidency

Nothing is for sure in the realm of estate planning under the Biden administration, but a look at some key components of Biden’s tax plan could offer some predictions. Katya Sverdlov of Sverdlov Law explores the tax plan and its implications for estate planning. She also discusses the likelihood of the plan even passing and how much time individuals will have to prepare for tax reform at Leaving a Loving Legacy.

EU extends changes to control rules again because of COVID-19

For the fourth time now, temporary rules covering official controls in Europe have been extended. Marler Clark‘s Joe Whitworth explains how this will continue to affect food and feed law. He explores interim changes and online food offers relating to COVID on the blog Food Safety News.

Environmental Justice Becomes Part of Federal Climate Change Policies

President Biden recently signed an executive order aimed at tackling climate change at home and abroad. Michael Murphy of HeplerBroom discusses the EO’s underlying philosophy, creation of new councils, and additional enforcement duties on HeplerBroom Blog. He also adds how the order details not only the policies to be implemented, but also why the Administration believes they are needed, mainly due to the philosophy that “environmental and economic justice are key considerations in how we govern.”

Looking Ahead to Potential Developments in Online Accessibility Law

Jason Brown and Robert Quackenboss of Hunton Andrews take a look at the history and the future developments for online accessibility law. They explore 2020 legislation which died in Congress, how online accessibility extends to the courts, and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. They go into detail on all these sections over at Hunton Employment & Labor Perspectives.