One of the perks of operating a virtual paralegal business is the flexibility to work from anywhere outside of a law office. Many companies have recently gone on record with a newly adopted work-from-anywhere or hybrid teams approach including Twitter, Google, Facebook, Zillow, Slack, Microsoft, and Capital One. Early data is already showing that one in five Americans has relocated due to COVID-19.

Remote workers have reported saving an average of 40 minutes commuting to and from the office in addition to the cost of travel.

There is an aspect of mental health and work-life balance benefits to working outside of the traditional office. 72% of survey respondents agreed that the ability to work remotely would make them less stressed and 77% reported that working remotely would make them better able to manage work-life balance.

It is time for law firms and legal departments to rethink the way they work, and rethink the products, tools, and strategies currently in place, or need to employ or outsource to better support remote work, virtual/freelance and hybrid teams.