Nailed for my 4th dui. received my 3rd in 2015.. no accident or injuries and breathalyzer came back at .14. Need a good lawyer
Was in city of Oconomowoc, Waukesha county. But I live in Watertown….Looking for a good lawyer in the area that can help.
Answer by Jay K. Nixon, Avvo Rating: 10 , Criminal Defense Attorney in Kenosha & Janesville, WI
We are all very sorry to hear about your circumstances here. My guess would be that they also took blood, if they were aware at that time that you were a multiple offender. If the blood test result come back even close to the breathalyzer, this will become be a tough one to win with any sort of scientific defense. That is especially true in light of the fact that your reading of .14 would be seven times your maximum allowable blood alcohol of .02, due to your multiple offender status, if that reading is accurate. Either way, since a judge will end up sentencing you even if you fight it and lose, you will be facing a lengthy prison sentence, meaning that you will need experienced counsel, even if only for the sentencing, since only an experienced criminal lawyer will know how to properly present you in the most positive possible light at that time