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f I have a no contact order against someone else, will it show up if a police officer scans my license plate?

Jay’s Answer (Jay Nixon, Criminal Defense Attorney with offices in Kenosha & Janesville, WI

Yes, oftentimes, domestic violence protective orders will show up if an officer runs the plates of the protected person. However, I would not recommend that you count on it, and that you instead ask any officer pulling you over if it came up, or write to your local police department head if you believe that you need any special additional protections or have other concerns relating to enforcement of your order. The same would be true any time anyone is using or has taken your car without your permission. Enforcement of such orders tends to be complaint driven, so odds are good that law enforcement will not closely monitor any situation unless you ask them to and furnish them with a copy of the order. If you do lend your car to somebody (which is nearly always a bad idea), you might want to make them aware of the order’s existence. If someone other than you is driving or in particular if the person you are protected against is borrowing your car, or anyone matching his description), you should probably make them aware that they may get this extra attention, which may or may not be desired.