Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | April 2021

We are doing everything in our power to ensure that you are well equipped to handle the day to day communication with your clients and giving them that best client experience.

April’s Sneak Peek: What we are working on this month

Additional & Personal Message Templates

Want more control over system generated messages?  Want to customize outgoing messages such as: case on hold, status change, treatment follow ups and appointments?

Now Smart Message Templates will include more default messages allowing firms to edit automated messages sent to their clients.  

Firm Users will now have the option when creating Smart Message Templates to mark them for personal or firm wide use.  This allows firm users to create their own template that is tailored specifically for them and can be used/edited only by them.

Under message templates there will be 3 sections. CS default templates, Firm templates and personal templates. The user can mark a template as personal or for the entire firm. The templates will show who created them and who updated them. 

Practice Area Automation

With expanding our automation features, we are adding the ability to set up automations and checklists on specific practice areas and stages.  If you are using the checklist feature now, this eliminates the need to type the same lists over and over.   

This enhancement allows users to go to the practice area they want to set up an automation,  there will be a new tab called Automations where users can add a recurring message, no case change automation, or a checklist.   Here, users  specify at which stage(s) they want this automation to occur and the frequency, then for any new case with this practice area, the automation will be set up.

Save Checklists as Templates

As mentioned above, oftentimes users find themselves typing the same items over and over.  Soon the user will navigate to the template section and create a ‘checklist template’ instead of a message template.

Once created they will then be able to add that checklist template to their cases as they see fit. 


If you want to talk through implementing this new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

What did the Case Status team work on in March?

March’s Release: What’s New Now!

Individual Case Import

If you are one of our software integrated firms, this individual case import will import a singular case into case status based on the integration ID, found in the url of your case management software.  If the case has  already been imported it will sync the case messages and documents back into your CMS.

The firm user will click the sync button they normally click for their integration.

An additional pop out will appear where the user will select whether they want to import ALL cases or just a singular case. 

The user will then enter the integration ID for their case. This is typically the number that is listed in the URL for the case in their case management system but they may need to discuss with their case management system if this number is displayed elsewhere.

The sync will run and it will then display on the pop out if it was successful or an error message if there was an issue. 

The most common error messages for imported cases are “invalid cell phone number” and “attorney not found”.

To see more how to sync a manual case or find the integration ID clickFilevine,Litify, MerusCase,orCliofor a quick walkthrough.








User Management – Bio & Office Number Edit Functionality

Firms that want certain admin users to edit firm users information now have the opportunity to set up the bio and office information when creating a new user in Case Status or edit them in the future if anything ever changes. 

Setting up this bio allows you to be visible in your client’s app, in the “Your Team” tab as well as creates your virtual business card that can easily be sent by any client by airdrop or any contact in their phone.

If you haven’t set up your Bio and haven’t taken advantage of this huge referral source, HERE is a quick video on the “Your Team” tab as well as a CLIENT VIDEO on how to refer your team.

Remember, a picture, email address, company phone number and a bio is all required to be visible on the app.

Note:  If you find that certain users do not have the ability to edit users and should, a key user at your firm can reach out through support to allow us to grant permission.


Integration News

New Integrations- As we continue to grow as a company, we grow our relationships with our integrated partners and continue to strengthen our relationships with you by allowing us to bring you exactly what you need.

As Case Status grows, we continue to focus on expanding and improving our partnerships with our integrated software partners to bring you exactly what you need.

Integration Filtering by Practice Area

Firms that use an integrated Case Management system are now able to import and sync cases from certain practice areas.  This allows firms to filter out cases by practice area, saving time by displaying only the cases that you need to see.

If your firm is only using Case Status for certain practice areas and would like to learn more, please contact me at 

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