The week is coming to a close and we have a nice selection of blogs joining our community to take a look at. McGeorge School of Law is a name you’re going to want to keep in the back of your head—in addition to publishing a blog this week they have some exciting things on the horizon. Aside from that, we welcome blogs focusing on Ponzi schemes, trademark law, and more.

McGeorge School of Law adds new publication

Not a new face on the LexBlog platform by any means, the McGeorge School of Law launches McGeorge Legal Clinics—marking their sixth blog. The publication features legal commentary and insights from past alumni and current clinic students who are applying legal theory to practice and developing professional lawyering skills.

The school boasts four on-campus clinics where students are placed in the role of an attorney in a law office in the practice areas of immigration, bankruptcy, elder & health law, and homeless advocacy. The blog is just another avenue for students to grow their professionalism and experience in the world of law.

With a large collection of commentary from the McGeorge community as a whole, including current and past students and professors, you can expect to hear more from them in the future—keep an eye out for something big on the way.

New Blogs

  • Lilleonah Chivenge joins us from South Africa with her blog, Musings of Chief Justice Chivenge. The publication caters to everyone—including law students, lay-persons, policymakers, judges and more—as she shares her legal insights and takeaways.
  • The Ohio Economic Justice & Social Impact Blog is run by Raymond Headen, a former judge of Ohio’s 8th District Court of Appeals. He publishes the blog in hopes of helping restore confidence in governments and private institutions by highlighting Ohio public-private good news.
  • Ponzi Perspectives is published by the team over at McGuire Woods, who closely follow key decisions and new cases relating to Ponzi scheme civil and criminal litigation.
  • The Trademark Interview is a duel blog and podcast, run by Jamie Hastings. It features interviews and contributions from leading trademark and brand protection professionals as well as legal commentary from Jamie himself on the space.