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Cyber Events Report from CCDCOE*

Recent Cyber Events: Considerations for Military and National Security Decision Makers

This recurring report is the collaborative view of NATO CCDCOE researchers highlighting the potential effects of current events and developments in cyberspace on armed forces, national security, and critical infrastructure, based on publicly available information. It does not set out to be exhaustive. While the authors have made every effort to describe events from a perspective relevant to NATO and partner nations, there may be national and regional differences which this paper does not address.

The authors of this paper are independent researchers at the NATO CCDCOE; they do not represent NATO, nor does this paper reflect NATO’s position. The aim of the paper is not to replace information about vulnerabilities and incidents provided by CSIRTs and providers of CIS products and services.

The ninth installment in the series designed for military and national security decision-makers looks at the potential damage of limited or near-total shutdown of the internet during a crisis, the takedown of a major botnet, the hacking of the control system of a water plant in Florida, and several other incidents. The CCDCOE report highlights takeaways for the senior leaders in order to be better prepared for emerging cyber threats.

March 2021 Cyber Events Report (PDF) – Mouseover to Read Embedded Report


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* NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellent – Cyber Defence Library

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