Law firms and legal agencies around the world were forced to quickly adapt to work from home policies to avoid closing their offices, which became mandatory for other businesses due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

There have been mixed feelings about this new norm whereas some paralegals appreciate the flexibility to work anywhere convenient for them and reporting savings from commuting to and from the office.

Remote work has grown in popularity with 80 percent prefer to work from home, but the reality is only 3.6 percent of total employee workforce currently works remotely.

However, employers are realizing that remote work shows an increase in productivity; according to a recent survey from the Global Workplace Analytics, employees are more productive 75 percent of the time they are working from home compared to 63percent of the time in the office.

The objective of a distributed workforce is ostensibly to decrease payroll expenses. However, Attorneys should not assume that a remote work strategy will save their law firm money. Research into salary data reveals that remote workers are actually paid more than people who work in an office. 

It is important to note that remote workers are not paid more because they work remotely. Rather, it is more likely that remote work opportunities currently tend to be reserved for high performers who have earned trust to work from home.

How will this change the demand for virtual paralegals? Will law firms and legal departments want to outsource to freelance paralegals who own their businesses as independent contractors or continue to hire remote paralegals as employees?

If the goal is to decrease their over-head cost, they will lean toward hiring virtual/freelance paralegals where they can reduce the cost associated with hiring full-time & part-time employees.

Whereas companies seeking to recruit top candidates and retain top performers will need to start to offer home office setups or consider factoring the costs of working from an office into their compensation packages which is not expected when they hire virtual paralegals.

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