How to Create A Welcome Package For New Law Firm Clients.

Research shows that after just one hour, people will only retain an average of 50 percent of the information you presented to them. An initial consultation is your opportunity to create a client connection and bond of trust.

What you then need to do is bridge the gap so that your clients feel supported. That means creating a welcome package which they can refer to. Read on to find out what you should include in this important customer service tool-kit.

Reinforcing Client Connection

A well-thought out welcome kit is going to strengthen the client connection youve already made. In an initial consultation theres a lot going on. Clients want to make their case. Theyll also be weighing up whether youre the right lawyer for them.

You cant expect them to retain everything youve told them and thats why a guide to your services is invaluable. Mail your welcome kit as a hard copy, send it via email or make it available in a secure part of your website.


Some Extra Touches To Enhance Client Connection

A folder gives your clients a place to keep important documents safe. Its also a constant reminder to them of you and your services. 

The best client welcome kits will contain three main elements:

  • Information about your clientsissues
  • Tools to help your client during the legal process
  • Details about you and what youre able to do


You should design it as a mechanism to answer a clients question when you are unavailable. It should be a resource they can turn to when a concern or question crops up later. 

Digital technology is so widespread that we sometimes forget the power behind a hand-written note. You can really make your firm stand out from the crowd by adding a specially written thank younote in your welcome package. 

This is a great way to create a personal client connection. It demonstrates that you have taken the trouble to care and shows appreciation for your clientsbusiness.  

Your New ClientsIssues

The welcome kit should have in it a copy of your signed agreement of engagement. This is an integral part of your client connection. Its something which a client may want to look back over occasionally during the period of engagement.

Great client service includes making sure your clients are across all your procedures. Make sure you provide them with a copy of your billing policies and guidelines. If you accept credit cards, explain the payment process. 

Give new clients a potential roadmap which relates to their issues. This could be in the form of a timeline which shows each stage of the clients case before complete resolution.  

Demonstrate That You Are the Expert

Experience shows that clients often have similar questions and concerns. This is your opportunity to provide them with answers to frequently asked questions or FAQs. You should include a glossary of terms they may come across during the engagement.

You may have written articles or blog posts which are relevant to your clients issues. Make sure you give the client a copy. It can be very reassuring for them to see in black and white that you have experience of similar cases.

Include a biography of yourself. This should include the following:

  • Details of your education
  • An outline of your career
  • Significant successes and milestones during your journey as a lawyer


It’s really important that this is engaging and looks professional. If creating a great bio is not one of your strengths, it is worth paying an expert to do it for you to maximize the sense of client connection.

Tools For Gathering Up Information

It could be that you need a client to compile records of events for you. You can help them to do this more efficiently by supplying a list of required papers and documents. These could include things like:

  • A form to record complaints
  • A chart to keep a note of doctors visits in a personal injury case
  • A diary to log relationship issues in marriage or partnership
  • A spreadsheet to write down account information if theres an estate involved


You should include a list of useful resources with links to specific websites. These can be places where clients can get more information or details of related services.

Make sure you also include a client survey. Its all part of the client connection process. This will allow your clients to provide you with feedback before the engagement comes to an end. 

Contact Information

Excellent communication is key to great client connection. Your clients should feel that they can reach out and contact you during the engagement and beyond. Give them details of all those theyll come into contact with at your office. 

Ensure they know who does what so they can get to the right person as quickly as possible. Always add in the details of the billing department and office manager in case of payment questions.

The welcome kit should contain information about your office hours. It should include any specific procedures which might be relevant to clients. If you have a policy to return phone calls within a certain time-frame, for example, then make that clear. 

If your policy is to have junior members of staff return calls, then you should make that clear. You could include an after-hours number in case of emergency, if you have one.

Some Client Connection Extras 

Manage your clientsexpectations by providing them with a list of guidelines. These should be about the most effective and efficient ways to work with their attorneys.

You might also include an online video or podcast which explains more about what you do and your areas of expertise. This is an excellent way to promote other areas of your practice too. 

As a means to generate more referrals, you should always include business cards and other promotional materials.

The Art of Great Client Connection

We can help your firm by empowering it with the tools to provide the best customer experience. Get in touch with us now to find out more about how we can create great client connections for your law firm.

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