May 2021: Did you know?

Hey Case Status users!   

Did you know that up until very recently, Guinness was not vegan?    That’s right, Guinness–the beer was filtered, like most traditional cask brews, through fish bladders.

It wasn’t until 2016 that Guinness announced that it was no longer filtering their stout through isinglass (fish bladders) and utilizing a new yeast filtration system that allowed them to sell a fully vegan product.

This goes to show that my Great-Grandfather wasn’t crazy when he would go around proclaiming some filters are just better than others and in the spirit of family tradition, I concur that not all filters are created equally.


Sending mass invitation, adding a newly hired paralegal, or filtering by date and closed case allows cases to be found, updated, and messaged in seconds.

Need to send out Case Status invitations to all of your onboarding case?  Filter by Attorney/Case Manager and then further filter by Onboarding Cases.


Focusing on correspondance first thing in the A.M.?—Filter by My Cases with Unread Messages.


Big mass torte or class action suit?–Update all of your status at once by filtering by Practice Area and Stage and update all of your clients at once.

The search bar will always be your best bet in finding a particular case or cases, but don’t forget you can drill down even further to make updating your clients more efficiently and effectively.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me through our support bubble.

Thanks again and don’t forget to register for my webinar this Thursday at 11:00 CT/12:00 ET where we do a deep dive into Practice Area Automations!


Reasonably and Prudently yours,



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