Another week, another Top 10 in Law Blogs. Our community never makes it any easier to select just ten posts. Updates regarding the Biden administration take the spotlight this week, accompanied by some other informative posts on matters ranging from the WHO to New York’s HERO Act to taxes. LexBlog members showcase a number of ways to format a post, including conducting interviews, answering questions and using bullets.

Top 10

Immigration court during COVID-19: Tips on navigating remote proceedings

Interviews always make for good blog posts. Not only do they allow you to build your network and expose your audience to a new voice and perspective, they’re rather easy to turn into posts. Jillian Jin‘s post with Astrid Ackerman makes for a great example. They discuss Ackerman’s experience when she attended an asylum interview where she appeared remotely and the client went in-person. The interview, available on Pro Bono Net’s Connecting Justice Communities, is full of helpful tips on remote proceedings.

Improving profitability management with AI-based data-management technology

Another great way to generate blog post ideas is to reference conferences or meetings you’ve attended. Valerie Brunt from Intapp sums up highlights from a recent Managing Law Firm Profitability, Pricing, and Data Analytics Conference panel. She breaks the post up into three sections, organized by key points from the panel—collecting data and providing insights, focusing on financial outcomes and analyzing data with AI. To learn more about improving your firm’s profitability, check out the whole post on the blog, Horizons.

What parents can expect from American Rescue Plan Act

If you’re a parent wondering how the American Rescue Plan Act is going to change child tax credits, how advance payments will be sent out—we get it, it’s complicated. Luckily, Andy Aasen and PKF Texas answer some of the questions. That’s what a well-done blog post does, answer questions clients are bound to have even before they get the chance to ask them. Rather than answering questions as they come in, now they have a blog post to send as a resource, available on The CPA Desk.

President Biden signs executive order on climate-related financial risk

We’re all about proactive posts. Andra Troy and Paul Davies at Latham & Watkins prove you can be on top of an issue and still craft a 10/10 blog post on the matter. They talk about Biden’s executive order aimed at addressing the threat that climate change poses to U.S. financial stability. They focus on key points of the order—using bullets, always a plus—and key takeaways, summing up all the relevant information nicely on the blog Environment, Land, & Resources.

WHO launches global bioHub for pathogen sharing

This informative post comes to us from Bart Van Vooren and Giulia Romana Mele of Covington Burling. The duo report on the WHO’s first BioHub Facility. They discuss its purpose, why it was needed in the first place and its timing. “According to the WHO, the BioHub is needed because not all countries have the capacity to quickly perform sophisticated analysis on these pathogens,” they write on the blog, Inside EU Life Sciences.

New York HERO Act requires employers to establish airborne infectious disease safety protocols

Bullets, headers and takeaways. You can’t go wrong if your blog post has all three of these. They overall make for a visually appealing, easy-to-follow post, and that’s exactly what Abbie Thederahn‘s does. She covers the New York HERO Act and the new workplace safety measures that employers are required to implement. A couple of these requirements include anti-retaliation measures and an airborne infectious disease exposure prevention plan. To see more on this act (and, what a good post looks like) head to Employer Law Report.

Not so fast: Why congress may not raise taxes this year

Let’s talk about taxes. But, let’s let Chris Jones and Baker Hostetler do the talking: “With their newfound majorities, Democrats could fast-track tax changes without Republican legislative obstruction.” Chris authors a conversational, easy-to-understand post on how the Democrats’ control of Washington will impact taxes. His writing style is very casual and he has a clear voice in this post, published on Ohio Clock.

Think Green III: Considering clean air regulations for the cannabis industry

New York and New Jersey are two states navigating the regulatory controls being placed on their new cannabis industries. One issue that keeps coming up is how to regulate the industry from an environmental perspective. James Arrabito looks at three different potential clean air regulations that may be relevant in the cannabis context—including air permits, odor control and VOCs & solvents. This is part three in his series looking at this topic, available on Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi’s Environmental Law Blog.

PPP: Post-pandemic plans?

Benjamin Shatz is another blogger this week jumping on a timely topic and putting together an excellent blog post in the process. He uses bullets to sum up recent updates in California regarding Governor Gavin Newsom and appellate news. An interesting thing to note is that Tuesday’s vote did not shut down his proposal, since the idea is still open for discussion in ongoing budget talks. “But it does reflect the influence organized labor groups representing court staffers have on Democratic lawmakers,” Benjamin writes on Southern California Appellate News.

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Michelle works on LexBlog’s Publishing team and assists in managing and creating the company’s editorial and social content, as well as working with clients to ensure the overall success of their blogs. She has experience working in all different realms of publishing—including newspapers,

Michelle works on LexBlog’s Publishing team and assists in managing and creating the company’s editorial and social content, as well as working with clients to ensure the overall success of their blogs. She has experience working in all different realms of publishing—including newspapers, magazines and research journals. Michelle has published a poetry book and been featured in an anthology.