CHARLESTON (June 7, 2021): Lauren Sturdivant, founder of Case Status, Inc., a fast growing venture backed legal technology platform, is founding a law firm, and plans to scale it into what she believes to be the future of law firms.

As an attorney, Lauren Sturdivant was on a personal mission almost four years ago.  After practicing law for several years, and seeing colleagues and also experiencing the struggle to keep all of her clients consistently updated on their cases, she looked for a tool to solve the problem.  That’s when she realized that client connection software in law did not exist.  

“My realization when founding Case Status, Inc., was in a world where people expect and track everything from the status of their pizza orders to their packages, how could there not be a solution that provides the same experience in one of the most important things going on in a person’s life; their legal case?  I knew it had to exist, and I was determined to create a solution to solve the problem.”  Lauren left practicing law in 2017 to found Case Status with the mission to improve the legal industry and the lives of lawyers and their clients across the world.  

Today, Case Status is considered the leader in client relationship management and has successfully introduced the concept of client success to the legal industry.  Case Status does this by helping lawyers better serve and improve the client experience by leveraging technology through automating client communication, providing real-time visibility and status updates, and tracking client satisfaction throughout cases. The platform also helps lawyers grow their firms by making it easy to obtain reviews and referrals from current clients.   Case Status has scaled quickly and has been adopted by law firms across the United States, has raised close to $4 million dollars of venture backed funding to date, and is one of the fastest growing legal tech companies in the space.  

“It’s been a journey, but for me, it’s this beautiful moment, where I look around and recognize that Case Status is solving the problem of client communication, along with other problems lawyers face daily.  Based on data, Case Status is genuinely improving the lives of clients through an intuitive and sophisticated platform, and I believe Case Status fills an important gap in an extremely active legal technology space.  The Case Status team looks forward to continuing to improve legal, and the lives of those in it, in expanding the Case Status brand and company.” 

In terms of the law firm, Lauren Sturdivant is founding Rising Tide Law in Charleston, South Carolina, with the goal of expanding throughout the Southeast.  “I cared so much about clients, that I left a profession to solve the problem.  Now that I have achieved that goal in making a difference, I want to come full circle and provide the best in class client experience through technology and modern access to legal expertise.”  

The future of legal is here.  And with that, Lauren says, “law firms should be run efficiently and effectively through technology.  I look forward to helping thousands of clients throughout the Southeast and beyond through properly using technology to serve clients more effectively.  Our team looks forward to serving clients better, and we’re excited to help be a part of creating what the future law firm looks like today and moving forward.”

Case Status created the first-ever cloud based tool designed to create transparency and improve communication between lawyers and their clients. For more information on Case Status, visit For more information on Rising Tide Law, visit

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