Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | July 2021

We are doing everything in our power to ensure that you are well equipped to handle the day to day communication with your clients and giving them that best client experience.

July’s Sneak Peek: What we are working on this month

Internal Checklist Automations & Internal Collaborations

If you are not utilizing the collaboration tab, you may be missing out on one of the best internal functions of Case Status.

In the next release, we will be splitting out our collaboration tab into an external (referrals, lien holders, outside counsel, etc) and internal (Internal case chat, Internal checklists, etc) to make case communication simple and organized.

With this build out, internal checklists will be able to be tied to specific stages/practice areas just like client checklists.

Soon if ABC needs to be done by a client, you will also be able to automate 1-2-3 that needs to be assigned to a firm user.

This feature will be helpful in making sure that everything is being assigned and a visual indicator of what has and has not been done by your firm.



If you want to talk through implementing this new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

What did the Case Status team work on in June?

June’s Release: What’s New Now!

Google Calendar Integration

Case Status now allows all non-medical appointments (virtual & meeting) to sync to your Google calendar and its a simple as a click of a button!




In Settings, click on the User Account tab and click Next under Google calendar.

Now choose which Gmail account to sync and give Case Status access. 


Once you enter your Google credentials all meeting scheduled in Case Status will sync to your Gcal to give you better visibility of your upcoming schedule and eliminates the need to physically adding it to your calendar!



This will create a “Case Status Appointments” sub-calendar inside your Gmail calendar.  Now anyone subscribed to the newly created calendar will have full visibility of meetings/virtual appointments in their Gcal




Remove & Replace Bulk Actions

We understand that during certain periods, people come and go from your firm so our dev team added new remove and replace functions to the Bulk Action Menu to make this process as quick and simple as possible.



To remove a user from all cases, simply select “All Cases” by checking the green box on the left of the main case screen to activate the Bulk Action Menu and click “-Remove Attorney” or “-Remove Case Manager”.

Select the user(s) to be removed and click “Remove from Case”.  You will then be directed to confirm that the user(s) should be removed from the number of cases selected and the user will be removed.


If the user isn’t listed on a selected case, that case will be simply be skipped.




Replacing a user is just as quick and simple.

Search in the search bar the user to be replaced and select “All Cases” by checking the box on the left on the main case page.

Click “Replace Attorney” or “Replace Case Manager” and select one user to remove and the user to add to each case.

Once clicked you will be asked to confirm and your attorney or case manager will be swapped.




Customizable Notifications

Are you an attorney who only needs to be notified of messages on certain cases or do not need a notification at all? 

If you get bogged down with new message notifications, users can now toggle off their message notifications instead of having to manually mark them as read.

This feature can be turned off completely and then customized at a case level for any matter that you always or never want to stay informed.

This allows users to be visible in the app to their client and listed on the case without receiving notifications on every client message received.

Under Settings>User Account, users can now turn on or off their notifications.  Once toggled off, users will no longer get new message notifications on any  case.


If, however, there are specific cases that a user does or does not need to be notified, at a case level, you can simply click the bell next to the user’s name to toggle the notifications on and off.

One point to remember—toggling on and off notifications at the global (user) level will reset any case notifications you may have previously set.

For example, if you set custom case notifications and then turn off/on your user notifications, all of your custom case notifications will be reset.





Search by Phone Number

Phone numbers can now be used as a search criteria on the main case page as well as in the Client Tab.




If you have ever gotten a message informing you that a cell phone number is already in use, you can simply search by number to find any case that phone number is associated.

Integration News

New Integrations- As we continue to grow as a company, we grow our relationships with our integrated partners and continue to strengthen our relationships with you by allowing us to bring you exactly what you need.

As Case Status grows, we continue to focus on expanding and improving our partnerships with our integrated software partners to bring you exactly what you need.

Integration Filtering by Practice Area

Firms that use an integrated Case Management system are now able to import and sync cases from certain practice areas.  This allows firms to filter out cases by practice area, saving time by displaying only the cases that you need to see.

If your firm is only using Case Status for certain practice areas and would like to learn more, please contact me at 

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